Gmail, Maps Dark Mode Rolls Out; Here’s How to Get it

Gmail Roll OutLove Facebook’s dark mode? Don’t worry, soon, you can get it in other apps too, especially in Gmail and in Google Maps. In fact, the tech giant has already rolled it out.

Good news for those who love the dark mode that Facebook and Twitter have started. Gmail and Maps are going to have one too. And this is not a drill. As a matter of fact, Google has already rolled out its dark mode for the said most used apps for both iOS and Android.

However, there is a bit of a catch to it. Not everyone will get a taste of it… yet… well, hopefully.

According to the spokesperson of the tech giant via tweet, the company has already made the updates for Gmail available to the public already. However, not everyone can get to try it as users with Android 10 and iOS 11, as well as the newer versions for the said operating systems should get to see an option to enable such mode “soon.” “Currently dark mode options are only available for Android 10+ and iOS 11+,” the spokesperson added via follow-up tweet. The spokesperson also advised users to update their apps in order to use dark mode.

Furthermore, the tech giant also revealed that they will role out dark mode for Maps soon for Maps through its official Android account on Instagram. The company posted a boomerang-type video that changes from day mode to night mode, suggesting that the said feature will be available on Android 10 as well. However, Google hasn’t mentioned anything about iOS yet. Even so, let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we? Some Redditors have already been spotting minor hints of the new mode in Maps in older devices so who knows, it might roll out sooner or later too, right?

Getting the New Theme

If you want to try the new theme out, all you have to do is head to Settings then select Theme from the Gmail App. However, note that such setting doesn’t seem to be available to all iOS 13 users yet. Also, reports say that there’s a slight delay in getting the dark mode even if their phone runs the newest version of iOS and Android already. So don’t be too discouraged if you’re one of these people who experience some delays. Just think of the reward you’ll get for your patience. Your eyes and battery will surely thank you, as what Google said.



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