History of the Internet

The Internet has become a part of everybody’s lives. Many of our daily activities today rely heavily on the services provided by the internet such as emails, chat, video call, research, business transactions, online games, social networking, and the list goes on.

Our dependence to the internet has sprung from the fact that most conventional ways of doing things is largely superseded by modern electronics such as computers, PDA’s and other high-tech gadgets, as well as the demand for fast, easy access to communication and information. The number of users will continue to grow in the next few years as it becomes a part of every culture and lifestyle.

History: Modern history of internet dates back 1950’s during the advent of high speed computers. During its infancy, internet is simply a point-to-point communication between a very powerful central computer and its independent users. Later it allowed individual users to interact with each other using packet switching which was then standardized to follow a set of protocols, making it possible for discrete networks to join together into a network of networks, hence the word “internetworking.”

It was not until 1982 that the concept of a global internetworking came into realization after the development of the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) that paved the way to a world-wide interconnected network called the “Internet.” ARPANET, the precursor of our modern Internet and the brainchild of internetworking, and CSNET which provided access to supercomputer sites, were decommissioned shortly after commercial internet service was made available to the public in the late 1980’s and 1990’s.

Current: The Internet continues to evolve as time progresses. This comes as a natural response to the ever-increasing amount of data and the demand for higher speeds (1-10 Gbps or more) to accommodate the ballooning number of users on a global scale.  Commerce, online information, entertainment and social networking are the Internet’s most powerful driving force that enables it to grow and expand indefinitely. There’s no telling whether the Internet has already reached its full potential; what we know is that it continues to extend its limits as powerful force that shape people’s

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