Hot Springs to Discover While in Japan

Japan hot springsJapan’s amazing geography enables it to have hot springs sprinkled all around the country. It is estimated that Japan boasts around 26,000 hot springs to which are being hosted by more than 3000 resorts. With this vast number of choices, a lot of people are unsure of what place they should visit. This list, however, could help as we will try to list down the best hot springs to visit while in Japan.


Hakone hot springs


Hakone of the Kanagawa Prefecture offers a dozen hot springs for travelers to choose from. Its decades of existence prove that even the Japanese of ancient times wanted to relax.


We highly suggest looking at the hot springs located at Yumoto as they are one of the most popular and also of the highest quality. Be cautious however because a lot of tourists will also be aiming to be in these hot springs.


You can easily reach the Hakone hot springs by riding for an hour and a half either by a car or train. A 20-minute bus ride is also available by taking the Odawara Station.


Atami hot springs


The hot springs of Atami have been blessed by rich historical contexts that are so worth it to know. A lot of Japanese important figures have visited the hot springs of Atami which includes a shogun of the very first Edo era.


Izusan Onsen should be on your hot spring bucket list as it comes in on the top hot springs of Japan. While Izusan Onsen boasts a rejuvenating bath, the hot springs named Ryori Ryokan Nagisa-kan offers variety and flexibility.


A Tokaido Shinkansen can be taken from Tokyo which lasts for more than an hour to reach the Atami Hot Springs.


Beppu hot springs


The area of Beppu is the richest part of Japanese when it comes to hot springs. The area is divided into 8 hot springs which you can choose from.


Takegawara is something you want to add on your must-visit Japan hot springs as it is the oldest hot spring that can be located in Beppu. Also, Hyotan Hot Spring provides a different experience. The scenic view you can experience is by far the greatest asset of this particular hot spring. Sometimes, it is not bathing that people are looking forward to but the views they can see while on the hot spring itself.


There are a lot of ways to get to the Hot Springs of Beppu but the most recommended and fastest one would be taking a 90-minute flight from Japan’s capital.


Hot springs are more than just business to some people, and luckily, Japan sees it that way. By respecting nature and the hot springs, they have preserved the experience that anyone can experience a hundred years ago.


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