How to Carry out Bathroom Renovations

bathrenovationsBathroom renovation can prove to be a daunting task, especially if it’s the first time it is being done.Bathroom renovation requires patience, time, the right materials and moderate DIY knowledge. Bathroom renovation needs the homeowner to make several big decisions while at the same time taking into account even the minute details. That said, here is some advice on what should be considered and how to proceed to make this hefty project a success.

1. Know the cost of the bathroom renovation.
Prior to beginning the renovation project, determine the money that needs to be invested to meet your expectations as well as the maximum amount of money you can afford to invest. Factors such as whether the entire work will be done by professionals, or you will do some of the labor, the quality of material and bathroom size, influence the cost of the renovation.

2. Determine a lighting scheme.
Make sure your bathroom is well lit by incorporating layers of decorative, accent, ambient and task lighting.

3. Understand the standard bathroom dimensions.
Planning the bathroom renovation will be more efficiently if you understand a few important measurements, for example the space needed for the toilet and the typical bathtub size.

4.The first thing people see on opening the bathroom door shouldn’t be the toilet.
The bathroom doors is often left open, meaning that guests or other persons walking by will see the toilet, which may not be aesthetically appealing. If you wish for a spa-like ambience, don’t placing your toilet at the front or center of the bathroom. The focal point should be anything other than the toilet. A great tactic is hiding the toilet behind your cabinet wall.

5. Choose the right vanity.
Vanities are not just for looks. If the vanity is very large, it could mess up with the traffic routes of the bathroom, and if it is too small, more storage and counter top space will be needed. Moreover choosing the wrong material, will result in maintenance issues.

6. Decorate your bathroom
A well decorated bathroom has a pleasant feel and look. There are various methods of decorating this space, such as placing vases with fresh flowers, or attractive toys showpieces over counter tops. Get as creative as you can be.
Bathroom renovation is a hefty home improvement project, especially because of the high costs and the big decisions that have to be made. Anyway, being well prepared will help you a lot during this hefty home improvement project.So, implement the above bathroom renovation tips in the project and get that dream bathroom.



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