How to Make a Good First Impression


In simple terms, a first impression is the judgment that you make on a person that you meet the first time.

There are only two types of first impression and these are good and bad. “Lasting” impression does not fall into this category because “lasting” is an understatement. Whether the impression is good or bad, it can be lasting.

There are certain factors that affect first impressions and one of them is the personal appearance. This involves your attire or how you look, how you move and how you speak. Sometimes it involves how you react to a certain situation or how you answer questions. Leaving a good impression can be tricky and proof of it is the extensive studies on the subject matter.

If you want to make a good impression, all you need to do is to dwell on the positive. You do not have to exaggerate because doing so will do otherwise.

To better set an example, let us look at some situations.

  • When you meet someone for the first time and you need to drop the first line, do not speak about negative things. This will give your new acquaintance the impression that you are a complainer or a negative thinker. On the principle that less word bears fewer mistakes, you may limit your sentences to few sensible ones.
  • If you are introduced to a new circle of friends, avoid crossing your arms or your legs because this gives the impression that they are not welcome to your company. You may stand up and shake hands, or smile a little and say hello. This way, they will feel that you are willing to make new friends.
  • A very useful tip is to say the name of your new acquaintances as they are introduced to you. Forgetting names can break potential happy friendships. Remembering names is truly impressive especially if you manage to retain at least four names to your memory. This will indicate that you truly are willing to meet them.
  • Look at their eyes as they speak to you to show your willingness to listen. These are just simple things but they can do great.

Of course, watch what you wear. There are different occasions that require different attire. Being in the appropriate wear is a great way to establish the formality and casualness of the meeting. Wearing good clothes exudes self-respect. This way, people around will yield respect for you as well.

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