Hurricane Dorian Kills 5: Downgrades to Category 3

Hurricane Dorian

Five people died as Hurricane Dorian batters the Bahamas. Meanwhile the hurricane remains its slow movement as it edges to the US. But the good news is that it has downgraded to Category 3 as of writing.

Five people have been reported dead in Abaco Islands as Hurricane Dorian strikes and is continuing to pummel the Bahamas. And officials say that the death toll could still go up as the hurricane remains almost at a standstill. Aside from the casualties reported, a lot of people have been affected by the hurricane too. In fact, officials have also been receiving a “tremendous” number of calls from people in the most affected areas in the Bahamas. A radio station even received more than 2,000 distress messages, including some reports of a five-month-old baby who got stranded on a roof with a grandmother with six grandchildren who cut a hole into the roof only to escape the rising floodwaters. According to reports, two shelters are now flooded as well.

And it seems things might get worse as Hurricane Dorian remains stationary. According to the Associated Press, meteorologists say that the Bahamas’ calmer atmosphere is what keeps the hurricane stationary as there’s just “no flow” pushing the hurricane anywhere to leave the islands. In addition to that, experts say that the upper winds of the atmosphere can move the hurricane in a particular direction. However, the steering currents have kept the hurricane remain standstill.

On the brighter side of the situation, though, Hurricane Dorian has been reported to downgrade to Category 3, from Category 5, early this Tuesday. Still, its slow movement causes more damage as it moves to Florida.

Florida, Georgia, South Carolina Prepares for Hurricane Dorian

While moving slow as Hurricane Dorian heads to the coast of Florida, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas have already started preparing for the said hurricane. In fact, evacuations have been ordered in parts of the said states. Since last week, the three states have already been preparing for the hurricane. People have been stockpiling their homes with food and emergency supplies as well.

The hurricane has been causing havoc to travelers too, especially on Florida’s coast. In fact, some airports and petrol stations have already closed. Delta Air Lines have already cancelled more than 50 flights scheduled for Monday and Tuesday after airports in Daytona Beach, Melbourne, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach have closed. American Airlines have cancelled some of its flights as well.


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