Interesting Facts about Hurricanes in the USA

hurricaneflorenceHurricanes are enormous storms with an eye at the center that produces winds that can reach a speed of 320km/hr. They form over warm ocean waters. In most cases, they hit land and cause massive flooding leading to the destruction of property and displacement of millions of people. When it reaches the ground, it pushes a wall of ocean water ashore referred to as storm surge. This storm surge and heavy rain can cause an increase in flooding.
Scientists and weather forecasts predict the path that hurricane takes. Besides,they predict its strength, and once a storm forms, they avail information to the public. Such information aid individuals to get prepared for its occurrence.

Formation of hurricanes:

It involves two things in its creation. These include
•  The warm water of ocean: This provides power that a storm requires to form a hurricane. Mostly, the surface water temperature has to be 26 or above for it to form.
•  Wind: It has to be the one that rarely changes in speed or direction as it goes up. Nevertheless, winds that much with vertical height can separate storms apart.

Path of destruction by hurricanes:
Hurricanes destroy billion of resources that include but not limited to land, buildings, trees and equally important it causes the death of people. It damages the property worth of billions. This is as a result of massive flooding that is caused by the hurricane. Moreover many people get displaced from their homes, and a majority of them suffer from a humanitarian crisis.

The occurrence of Hurricanes in the USA:
Hurricanes rarely affect people living in the Central United States and the hinterland. It mostly occurs in Florida. It runs all the way from early June, i.e. from the date first of June to late November every year. September produces a majority of hurricanes during this season. Part of the storms begins in the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico.
Averagely, one or two hurricanes occur in the Eastern Coast of America per year whereas 40% landfall hit Florida.

Preparation for hurricanes season in the USA:
Individuals have to ensure that they be cautious when visiting coastal cities between June and late November. Besides, it is advisable for them to download Hurricane App from United States of America Red Cross for updates on information on the current tropical storm that may affect their existence in those areas affected by hurricanes. The media also plays a significant role in ensuring that citizens that live in areas where hurricanes are anticipated aware of the impending storm.

USA hurricanes season in 2018:

The following hurricanes happened in the USA in 2018:
I.  Hurricane Florence that occurred in the Atlantic Ocean moving with winds greater than 110mph of the season.
II.  Hurricane Lane that happened in Hawaii was a major one in August caused loss of lives and property.
III.  Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico that killed 2975 person and brought a humanitarian crisis.
Note that: Since 1851, 37 hurricanes have made landfall in Florida. Below are interesting facts about hurricanes:

  • They rotate clockwise in the southern hemisphere and anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere.
  • World Meteorological Organization name hurricanes.
  • Storms surge can be 6 meters tall.
  • Some can have two eyes at the center.



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