Interesting Facts about Lightning and Thunder


Through the research of Benjamin Franklin in 1752, the science behind lightning and thunder has helped Fulminologists and earth scientists to study the background of natural occurrences.

A few people may appreciate the nature of thunderstorms aside from kids who are fascinated by earth science. Because lightning represents the basic electrical conductivity to physics, scientists can further enhance a comprehensive research to the technology that is needed in static electricity.

To begin with, we define lightning and thunder as a whole.

Lightning is an abrupt spark of atmospheric static charges caused by friction of two clouds or earth to cloud followed by a sound of thunder.

Thunder results from an extensive accumulation of heat and pressure within the air surrounding the lightning bolt and thereby expanding to the greater surface producing a sonic wave.

The process takes place when clouds accumulate due to intense heat. As evaporation continues to flow, ice particles are trapped within the thick clouds. In ionic matter, negative charges float beneath the atmosphere of clouds. Positive charges are isolated over the cloud. When ionization strikes, lightning flashes and accompanied by a thunder.

Thunder, on the other hand, are violently produce depending on the waves hovering the distance it travelled. Inside the lightning channel, approximately 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit of thermal air is heated. That is equivalent to five times hotter than the sun’s heat rays.

Lightning Catcher

If there is a dream catcher, most probably a lightning catcher can cast powers too. Not in the mythical aspect, lightning catcher often use sparks of lightning bolts to conduct heat and utilize it as an adjunct to glass molding. Since strong heat is enough to melt the silica, the process can then cool off after he is satisfied with the sculpture.

Areas that are confining to thunderstorms are normally found in a wide open-field where farms are due to dry hot air on the land. Tall skyscrapers with pointed rods are usually stricken by lightning more often that shorter ones. You just have to remember that the principle follows the concept of static charges and presumably the height of tall structures during any approach of periodic thunderstorms.

Lightning Effects

From previous natural occurrences of thunderstorms, there were devastating historical events that has been recorded soon after they have discovered the implications of lightning to the community. Such explosion that became perilous was the take off activity of Apollo 12. Many were astonished by the strong trigger when the rocket was about to propel its way up.

Space shuttles were not only affected by the strike, even volcanoes provoke tremendous path of lightning struck. All volcanic eruptions eject gases that trigger lightning.

Based on a fact about fulmonology studies, death rates are high in lightning strikes than those who are affected by tornados each year. Thus, we should be vigilant about weather forecast on heavy lightning storms.

Safety Precautions

  • Practice these safety precautions in the event you notice a gloomy weather or a lightning storm is approaching within your community.
  • It is best to seek shelter before lightning strikes. Do this by staying in small sheds area where there is free from metals, wet or moist objects and anything that supports electrical conduction.
  • Wires should not be dangling or touching from your surroundings.
  • Jewelries that are worn should be removed ahead of time.

Keep in mind that lightning will strike anything that is higher than you are. If you feel that a lightning strike is commencing your way, lower yourself down by tucking your head between your knees. Never attempt to lie down as electrical volt may flow parallel to the ground increasing your risk of electrical injury.

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