Interesting Facts about Oxygen Bar

Oxygen bar is kind of like a café for people who want to get pure oxygen to revitalize their senses. The concept behind oxygen bars is to provide people with fresh oxygen that is not readily available in overly polluted areas like those in the cities. It comes with a disposable hose for the nostrils where customers can obtain the therapeutic effects of oxygen.

To make this more enjoyable for customers, they provide choices of flavored scents for individuals who want to enhance the experience of the new aroma of oxygen. Each flavor in oxygen bars comes from the bubbling oxygen from the bottles that holds the aromatic solutions before reaching the nostrils.

History of Oxygen Bar

Before it become popular to the public, oxygen bar has it own history. Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World” in 1870 has one of the earliest references to the recreational use of oxygen.

After being introduced by the air stations in the most polluted are of Tokyo and Beijing during 1996, the O2 Spa Bar of Toronto, Canada became the first official establishment of oxygen bar.   As oxygen bars become more popular, it became widely used to North America including California, Las Vegas, New York and in Rocky Mountain region as well.

Nowadays, you can see oxygen bars in many establishments with regular venues of events including salons, spas, health clubs, resorts, tanning salons, restaurants, coffer houses, airports, ski chalets, casinos, nightclubs and yoga studios with the goal of helping people live a more active life. It can also be found in conventions, trade shows and private parties as well as promotional events.

Health Benefits of Oxygen Bar

  • Increases alertness
  • Reduces stress and lessens chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Revitalizes senses and stabilizes the nervous system
  • Lessens hangovers, sinus and headaches
  • Prolongs high energy levels
  • Improves sleep pattern

Pros and Cons of Oxygen Bar

  • Prolonged use of oxygen for a few hours can dry your lungs.
  • Though the lungs can adjust to the high levels of oxygen, patients will experience shortness of breathing when the oxygen supply is stopped.
  • High concentrations and long-term use can be harmful and dangerous to one’s health.

All oxygen bars claim that purified oxygen gives a lot of health benefits.  However, due to the risk factors, it is recommended that this should be used for not more than 20-30 minutes of usage per day.

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