Interesting Facts about Smallest Objects

Peel P50 (Photo:

There are lots lof amazing and unique things in the world that comes in unusual or enormous sizes.
These objects capture our sight because they differ from the normal things we see in our every day life.

Do you know that the smallest item in this universe is called quark?

Research studies have proven that a proton and neutron are both made up of three indivisible quarks.

According to Physicist Andy Parker, “This time we haven’t been able to see any evidence at all that there’s anything inside quarks.”

Let us have a look at some unique and interesting smallest objects:

  • Smallest car

The smallest car since 1962 is the Peel P50 which is manufactured by the Peel Engineering Ltd  in New England. This car is like a Mini Cooper but just 54 inches long, 41 inches wide and 131 pounds in weight. The 3-wheel car can ride one person with handbag or just one shopping bag. It is described as “not much larger than a bar fridge”.

  • Smallest house

The world’s smallest house is the one-square meter box house designed by Architect Bo Le-Mentzal. It can rotate, go around or wheel around. This house does not have bathroom and kitchen. It only has a space good for sleeping. It is not advisable for people who love to own a normal house. According to the designer and creator Bo Le Mentzal who is a native of Laos, he spent his life thinking what a home is. Until he came up with an idea to make a one square meter house. He also inspired people to think on what is really important to them, what do they need and what they don’t really need.

World's smallest house
  • Smallest/ lightest mobile

The smallest mobile in the world is Modu which is manufactured by an Israeli mobile company.  Created  by Dov Moran, Modu mobiles can be customized or even personalized by using the famous Modu jacket. It weighs 42 grams and smaller than the size of Ipod Nano. The features of this phone are limited keypad, small screen, 2g internal memory and music player.

  • Smallest Teddy bear

The world’s smallest teddy bear is 4.5 mm tall and  made by Cheryl Moss in South Africa. It was designed exactly similar to a big bear with  movable head, leg, and arm. This was also officially acknowledged in the Guinness World Records.

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