Top 3 : World’s Wealthiest Men

Forbes Billionaires has released an astonishing report about the world’s richest men as of this year, 2011. It broke two records for having the most number of billionaires (1,210) and the biggest aggregate wealth (4.5 trillion US dollars) around the world. Unlike previous years when only the U.S. had a number greater than 100 billionaires, more countries are starting to join the league of billionaire producers above the 100’s. China alone has produced 115 billionaires and Russia with 101.

Among the 1,210 billionaires in Forbes Billionaires, the following had been selected and ranked according to their net worth as of 2011.

1.    Carlos Slim Helu. The world’s richest man is a Telecom tycoon from Mexico with a net worth of $74 Billion. Just this year, he added $20.5 billion to his wealth outdistancing Bill Gates by $18 billion. His rise to the top was due to the country’s booming economy, success in mining industry, and corporate divestiture from Grupo Carso.

2.    Bill Gates. The second richest man in the world is a software visionary from the US with a net worth of $56 billion. Seventy percent of his wealth are stocks invested in Cascade, Four Seasons hotels, Auto Nation, Televisa, and Femsa; the remaining thirty percent are used to run Microsoft where he started out with his OS business and currently the world’s leading software and computing industry. He has given away $30 billion for his Gates Foundation aimed at helping people against tuberculosis, polio, and hunger.

3.    Bernard Arnault. The LVMH mogul from France is the world’s third richest man with a net worth of $41 billion. His luxury brands constitute the largest contributor in clothing, cosmetics, fashion, jewelries, accessories and wines – Louis Vuitton, Tag Heuer, Cognac Hennessy, Dom Pergnon and other brands and subsidiaries. Aside from LMVH, he also invests in Royal Van Lent, Carrefour, and Go Voyages.

Worth mentioning also are billionaires from the US – the big guns in the stock market. Warren Buffet has a net worth of $39 billion, most of it coming from Berkshire Hathaway, and Lawrence Ellison with $33 billion from Sun Microsystems.

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