Famous Theme Parks in China

The trendiest things on earth have come to reality.  China recently added to its collection of wonderful places and travel destinations – two theme parks that people would like to go back and see time and again.

1. The World Chocolate Wonderland Theme Park in Beijing, China. The first ever chocolate theme park of China and the world’s largest chocolate replica was opened to the public on January 29, 2010. It is nestled in the north side of the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium with its stunning, elaborately designed 5 indoor halls such as the Wonderland Theme Hall, World’s Candy Hall, World’s Chocolate Hall, Sweet Gift Hall and the Sweet Experience Hall.  If you want to roam and shop for unique activities and souvenirs, it has a large Sweet Stages and Sweet Shopping Street that caters all your needs.

So, if you are one of the chocoholics around the world, these places will sound like a heaven to you: a large collection of chocolate handbags, shoes, cars, trophies, classic paintings, historical figures and other stuffs. You can also buy chocolate money which is the highlights of the place. In a nutshell, the World Chocolate Wonderland of China offers all your chocolate fantasies.

Chocolate was not built with just a few bars. Instead, it is made up of 80 tons of chocolate before the 215, 000 square feet or 20, 000 m² theme park building was finally completed, organizers say.

One thing that enticed visitors to visit and see the place is the special facility where tourist will have a chance to make their own chocolate items. Interested visitors of chocolate-making will be given a chance to be taught by the best professional chocolaters there is.

2.  Angry Birds Theme Park in Changsha, China. The latest craze of today’s most famous game in iPods, iPhones and personal computers gave China a very unique idea to give everybody’s wishes for an Angry Birds Theme Park. Though it is rumored to be unlicensed because it started without the permission of Finnish Rovio Company—the maker of the most popular mobile apps, Angry Birds – the attraction was opened to the public last September 1, 2011.

The real-version of the widely popular game offers a chance for visitors to use slingshots to launch the stuffed birds into their pig targets. According to the people who happened to try this new game in real life, there’s really a cunning pleasure to hit your target at a very perfect angle.

However, despite the joy and pleasure it gives to the public, the theme park is destined to close September of the next year before the Rovio Company will take legal action against the unlicensed imitation.

What are the health benefits of visiting theme parks?

Generally, the goal of the amusements or theme parks is to make visitors amused and entertained them in their visit.

Exposure to natural surroundings and wonderful attractions and doing unusual activities such as forest bathing, and climbing, etc. can contribute a surprising advantage to your health. These can:

  • Reduce physical and mental stress from the hard work-loaded life.
  • Boost up energy level and desire to be active.
  • Raise the white blood cells level of the body. Several studies have shown that a person visiting in parks and forest for two hours in two days will spike up to 50% of the natural killer cells because of the exposure to the phytoncides present in the forest air.

Just a simple walk in some of the nature parks will give great benefits especially to those who suffer health problems.

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