Japan’s Floating Capsule for Future Floods

Catastrophes like tsunami, earthquakes, typhoon, floods, etc. are among the deadliest, most devastating phenomenon affecting peoples’ lives. Some of these calamities come like a thief in the night, and we must prepare ourselves and be ready for these unpredictable calamities.

In Japan, a Japanese company invented and developed a tiny version of the fabled Noah’s Ark in the Holy Bible, hoping that this idea would help saving the lives of many people when massive tsunamis or earthquakes hit Japan again. The idea is that if Noah’s family managed to survive the prolonged floods, this newly invented floating capsule would also save the lives of people in this modern era.

The mini ark is a floating capsule that looks like a big tennis ball made of fibreglasses. Like the original Noah’s Ark, it is made up of holes on the top for breathing and a window that can be used as a look out to see to it if it is already safe. When there is no tsunami, this mini-ark can be a safety toy house for children.

According to the mini ark manufacturer, the Cosmo Power spearheaded by the company’s president, Shoji Tanaka, this tsunami and earthquake shelter is the only solution for them to survive these life threatening disasters. The capsule is made up of fiberglass that can save many people from the devastating tsunamis just like the one on March 11 which caused millions worth of the damages in the northern coast of Japan and killed more than 20, 000 people’s lives with some still missing.

The company has completed about 600 of this apparatus shortly this month including the two that has just been paid and delivered earlier. Shoji Tanaka added that the price per capsule is 300, 000 yen or equivalent to $4000 USD and can hold four adults that can surely survive even for many crashes.

The idea is great but, some people who criticize more than listen and have some misgivings about the invention. Despite those criticisms, the goal of the company on making this mini-ark is nonetheless noble – to save Japanese lives in the event of another deadly tsunami or earthquake.

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