Interesting Life Under the Sea

Our oceans hide amazing secrets waiting to be discovered. It’s a marvelous world beneath the blue waters filled with incredible beauty and diverse marine life.

People who have explored the depths remark this surreal experience as though they were in a different world untouched by human civilization.

Nowadays, due to science and technology, there’s nothing people can’t discover no matter how deep it is. Underwater exploration and scuba diving are one of the best ways and activities you can enjoy to see the life and the magnificent beauty under the sea.

Beneath the sea are the coral reefs teeming with fish, plants and beautiful surroundings. It is also interesting to know that under the sea are some of the weirdest, peculiar and never before seen marine animals with over millions of years of existence in the depths. Here are some of them:

  • Dumbo Octupos – It is easy for us to recognize this strange creature because of its name after the famous Disney film “Dumbo” about a little elephant with enormous ears which he used for flying. It moves gracefully like other common octopus but uses his ears like fins of the fishes or arms for swimming in humans. Dumbo octopus belongs to the family of Grimpoteuthis, living more than 300 meters below the surface. Its genus consists of 14 other similar species which feeds on smaller sea creature such as worms, crabs, other small fishes and shrimps.
  • Blobfish – This creature belongs to genus Psychrolutes marcidus, one of the deep sea fish living in the depths of mainland Australia and Tasmania. It dwells in the depths about 600 to 1,200 meters or 2,000 to 3,900 feet below the sea level which is why it is rarely seen by humans. The flesh of the blobfish is mainly gelatinous with its density mass that is lesser than water which enables the fish to glide above the sea floor even without its effort of swimming or moving. However, because of the deep sea trawling and fishing in the area, blobfish is nowadays facing extinction.
  • Narwhal – This type of fish belongs to the Monodon monoceros, an Arctic genus of cetacean, one of the two living species of whale in the Monodontidae family together with the beluga whale. It is also known as the “sea unicorns” because of its long and straight helical tusk from its upper jaw. They are living uniquely in the deep of the Arctic feeding on flatfish and benthic preys even under the depths of 1500 meters of its icy environment. Like all whales, they also need to surface for air.

To view those never before seen places under the sea why not visit one of the most famous diving sites around the world:

  • The Blue Hole in Belize where you can dive on the crystal clear water and see the beautiful types of different sharks.
  • The Gili Islands in Indonesia where you can find the great reef system preserved better than other hot spots.
  • Sipada in Malaysia is one of the best and famous diving site of the world with people flocking in increasingly numbers each year because of its beautiful cave systems, vivid coral reefs and wonderful sea turtles, fish and everything under the crystalline water.
  • Hawaii. Famous as the islands of ringed reefs and wildlife, it is also one of the famous sites of diving. People won’t hesitate going to Hawaii because of its enticing, charming and largest marine reserve in the US. Its gorgeous looking and crystalline white sand coastline beaches and perfect accommodations will surely make you stay for long.

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