Interesting Places to See in South Africa

Table Mountain, Cape Town (Photo:

For most travellers, South Africa is the place where you can find an amazing sanctuary despite the chaotic modern world we live in right now. Most people visit South Africa for the richness and beauty of its wildlife, nature and interesting places to see.

The country’s economy is the largest in the whole African continent and 28th in the world. According to World Bank, this country has an upper-middle income economy.

South Africa is also known to be the world’s  second largest fruit exporter in the world. It exports pears, apples, grapes, oranges and plums.

You can also find in South Africa the world’s longest wine route. Wine route means the road in an area known for producing wine and table grapes. An example of South African wine route is Alvi’s Drift which is popularly known for receiving numerous awards.

Interesting Places to See

  • Table Mountain in Cape Town – What makes this mountain very special among the others is that it is the oldest mountain in the world. The mountain carries about 1,500 plant species, which is bigger than that one in United Kingdom. The key attraction to this mountain is its flat, table-like top, and from there, you can see the whole view of Cape Town and feel the breeze of air from the ocean.

  • Cape Peninsula in Cape Town – Want to go hiking and experience the awesomeness of nature? This is the perfect place to go. If you come by and visit the place during spring or early summer, you can see the colony of the African Penguins located in Boulder Beach. The route you will have to take is from Cape Point to Cape of Good Hope.

  • Robben Island – Still located in Cape Town, Robben Island is one of the best tourist attractions in South Africa for its historical value. It is popular for several things like the jail that was used during the apartheid era; it is where Nelson Mandela was kept as prisoner for his work force to banish the apartheid. The mental hospital, leper colony, and defense training base used in the apartheid era are also located in  this Island.

  • Phalaborwa, Kruger National Park – This is the largest African reserve and it is literally a sanctuary or a haven for those who are seeking for breath-taking experience. There are about 336 varieties of trees, 507 bird species, 49 fish varieties, and a lot more!
  • Thulamela and Masorini – places in South Africa where evidence of early humans who lived millions of years ago were discovered. Masorini is also known as the late iron age site.

  • The Cradle of Human Life in Krugersdorp – Talking about the genesis of human race, it was here in Krugersdorp that the skull named “Mr. Ples” and skeleton “Little Foot” were both discovered. It is believed that they were the original ancestors in South Africa and who lived three million years ago. This place is only 50 kilometers from Johannesburg, the largest populated city in South Africa.

Things to Do in South Africa

South Africa is full of surprises that will truly amaze you. Among the things that you can do in South Africa are Ostrich riding in the town of Oudtshoorn, Surfing on the beach in Cape Town, hiking on the Eastern Cape Region where you can see breath-taking beautiful sceneries, swim with the penguins at the Boulder’s Beach and many more.

South Africa’s richness in wildlife, history and beautiful people are the reasons that make the place popular to thousands of tourists every year. If you want a life-changing experience, visit South Africa.

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