Interesting Tips to Handle Talk Backs

For parents, there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with a child who talks back in the middle of conversation, especially when reprimanding or correcting them.

Have you ever wondered why this scenario always happens in every home? It often gets down to an endless verbal battle with the child, not knowing that it will only worsen the situation, instead of making it better. Keep your cool.

If you’re a parent who’s currently dealing with the same situation, there are proper techniques that you can do to deal with a child who’s talking back.

Kids answer back because you let them. They feel they have the authority to back talk—nothing more, nothing less. If they already feel that their ego is threatened and they have to defend themselves, they talk back.

Dealing with Talk Backs

When you feel you have no power over your child’s behavior, don’t fret—you can actually do something about it. These simple ways to stop a child’s “talk back” behavior will help you deal with this kind of situation:

  • Establish a good parenting attitude and be firm with it – There are 3 things that you need to equip yourself with before involving in such situation with your child.  First, you must have the willingness to listen to your child attentively.  Next, your flexibility when it comes to making decisions, and being able to reconsider them. Third, being firm with your final decision (it gives the impression that you’re in charge of the situation)—your “no” should be always mean “no”.
  • Take courage to stop the conversation and walk away if your child gets disrespectful with his/her words – this allows both of you to cool down and be able to think clearly. By walking away a bit, you’ll not engage yourself to a shouting match with your child which can be somewhat pointless. When both of you two have already cooled down, talk about the issue once again in a calm manner and make sure to be clear with what you are trying to imply.
  • Be a model – one of the basic rules as a parent is to be a model for your child. A child is like a mirror that follows whatever they see and hear. Always remember these rules—never yell, no name-calling, no insulting words, voices must be in a natural level – and no sarcasm.

As you can see, dealing with a child who talks back doesn’t only mean dealing with their behavior alone; you also take part by modeling the way you answer to your child as well. When both of you become clear in communicating each of your needs and preferences, you’ll see your bond with your child become stronger and meaningful.

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