‘Laws that Criminalize LGBT Individuals are a Sin and a Form of Injustice,’ Thus Stressed by Pope Francis


While Pope Francis was aboard the papal plane on Sunday, he mentioned that laws that aim to criminalize LGBT individuals are a form of sin and injustice. The pope had this statement as a form of argument because according to him, the almighty God adores and goes along with persons who have the nature of getting themselves attracted to the same sex.

Pope Francis made these remarks inside the plane and as a response to the question of a reporter. The plane heads its way home after a two-nation visit to Africa. The statements and comments made by the pope were surprisingly backed by 2 other Christian leaders who were also aboard on the same plane.

According to Pope Francis, the act of criminalizing homosexuality is deemed to be something that can be considered as a form of problem that should never be ignored. He also anonymously cited certain statistics that point out to 50 countries and nations that criminalize individuals who are members of the LGBT community. In addition to these 50 countries, 10 more countries have existing laws that condemn and put homosexuals under the death penalty. This means that anyone who is found guilty of doing homosexual or same sex conducts shall be held criminal and will suffer and undergo punishment implemented by the country.

Moreover, a total of 66 members of the United Nations are actually implementing laws that criminalize consensual homosexual relationships and conducts. This startling statistic was made known to the public by the ILGA World, otherwise known as the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersexual Association. There are countries and nations in the world where homosexual relationships are branded as something “illegal” and punishment, when an individual is found guilty, can include death penalty.

In line to these statistics that pertain to the criminalization of LGBT members, the pope said that this is something that isn’t right. Individuals with homosexual or same sex tendencies are also sons and daughters of God and that He loves and accompanies all his children. Condemning and criminalizing anyone who is a LGBT member is a sin and a form of injustice as well.

Pope Francis also noted that the catechism of the Catholic Church, also known as the church’s book of doctrines, states that same-sex attraction isn’t considered a sin but performing acts of homosexuality is known to be one. The book also states that people who belong to the LGBT community should never be marginalized.

The pope mentioned the phase of his life after he was declared as the pope, about ten years ago. This phase of his life made the pope realize that he just can’t judge anyone with same-sex inclinations and tendencies especially when that person aims to seek God. Pope Francis also noted that during his 2018 visit in Ireland, he stated that parents couldn’t disown their children who are members of LGBT. Instead, these parents had to accept and keep their children to enjoy a kind and loving family.

Prior to the statements and comments of Pope Francis concerning the criminalization of LGBT members, two Christian leaders felt admiration to the pope. In fact, these two leaders backed and supported the statements of the pope and praised him for his kind thoughts and understanding.

Welby, one of the two Christian leaders, said that he entirely agrees and goes along with each of the words that came out of the pope’s mouth. On the other hand, Greenshields, the other Christian leader on the plane also said that there is not a place in his reading of the 4 gospels and Christ teachings where “I see Jesus Christ turning any person away.”




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