Managing Stress to Enjoy Life

By the SeaTechnology has changed the world tremendously. New developments are happening at a fast rate.  The impact of advances in technology  is so intense and has affected not only the way we live but also the way we earn our living.  Sometimes we can no longer cope.

Most people find it hard to balance family and work resulting to stress and depression. Yes, there is a need for us to learn how to maintain work-life balance in order to have a healthy life. Learning how to cope with all the stressors of life is one of the keys to manage stress effectively.

Studies revealed that stress is harmful and can damage your health and well-being.  Moreover, stress that are related to work can cause depression and destroy relationships.

In the United States, the top causes of stress are:

  1. Job pressure and work overload
  2. Source of livelihood
  3. Health crisis
  4. Unhappy relationships
  5. Inadequate nutrition

In Australia, the causes of stress are:

  1. Financial issues
  2. Family issues
  3. Personal health issues
  4. Maintaining healthy lifestyle
  5. Issues with the health of family and relatives

Here are some useful tips to help us overcome and manage stress:

  1. Let go of perfectionism. Strive for excellence instead.
  2. Practice the habit of resilience to have greater control. If you are reactive, you are prone to stress.
  3. Exercise to calm down. Start with deep-breathing exercises or a 5-minute meditation to lift your mood.
  4. Devote high quality time to your priorities. Minimize your time-wasting activities and limit interactions with less constructive people.
  5. Learn to say “no”. Don’t over-commit yourself.

To feel better with what you currently do and experience, commit yourself to manage stress effectively. Only then that you will enjoy happiness if you have a life that is stress-free.

“Happiness is a moment-to-moment choice that each of us makes. In order to be happy, you must first decide to be happy. You must make a commitment to happiness.” -Richard Carlson-

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