Melbourne Cup 2013

For more than 2 decades, the largest and most prestigious greyhound horse racing tournament has paved its way for another year. Participants all over the world came to Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup 2013. Over 24 horses from different parts of the world was brought to the venue, all prepared and heavily trained for the event to come. Alongside with them are their riders whom have been loyal with them for a long time. Though the riders earn their fair share of fame, it is the horses that are actually recognized as the winners.

The horses joining this event are trained and specially selected since birth. They are also trained by the best trainers and maintained by the best veterinarians. It is not a simple task to be appointed with the horses and aspiring beginners start with simple horse racing tips. Though with the best people money can hire, accidents is inevitable. The mare Veverma that was brought by the French team to the event broke down before reaching half-way. The mare was found to have broken one of its leg and with the severity of the damage, the mare was later pronounced dead before the awarding of the winner.

With the loss comes in new success, Fiorente is the declared 2013 Melbourne Cup champion. The winning team won as much as 500 Euros or more. Red Cadeaux came in second followed by Athos in third. A lot of tippers placed their money on Fiorente even way before the match even began. The number even grew higher as the event closed to start its opening. Over 900 successful winning tippers placed their money on Fiorente while only 6 from the 7000 tips chose Cadeaux. Fiorente was a seen obvious winner by most analysts and subscribers of the event. Sea moon who was 2012 Melbourne Cup Champion whom was one who generated the most tippers only came in as a runner up.

The largest main thing in this yearly event is its betting schemes, which is the one that has made it famous. A lot of betters from high rollers to passersby place their bets on their preferred horse and pricing depends on whoever wins. Though, there will never be a definite winner each year, cancelling down the least probable winners will help you make the smartest bet. This has made the event more popular each year. This is also when a lot of horse betting tips come into action



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