Most Disgusting Places in Malls

December 7, 2011 | Health & Wellness

If you were to list the filthiest places in malls, which do think will be on top? Most people would probably answer “the toilet”. Surprisingly however, it is not the toilet that ranks among the nastiest place in malls. If you want to know what these are, just read on.

1. Restroom Sink. Everyone agrees that the nastiest, filthiest place in malls is not the toilet, but our good old restroom sink. It’s a moist, humid environment – an ideal place for bacterial, viral, and fungal growth. You don’t see them, but you can actually feel their presence in the form of slime or wet slippery surface. If you think can easily get away with it using hand wash and water, don’t be too confident. Always bring a hand sanitizer with you to exterminate any traces of germs.

2. Food Court Tables. That’s not even close to what we think should come next, is it? Believe or not, the tables where we actually eat our meals can harbor germs, especially if the rags had been used dozens of times and had not been properly washed. Look for tables that have been properly disinfected. You can tell it by the scent if any particular disinfectant or antiseptic alcohol. The nose knows. Even then, avoid touching the table with your fingers and don’t let your food come in contact with it.

3. Escalator Handrails. Not everyone goes to the restroom or food court. But you can’t get away from using the escalator. Everybody does. Recent tests show just how disgusting handrails can be. What they found out is a nasty cocktail of urine, feces, mucus, E. coli, and blood. You may choose not to grab the handrail but you could lose your balance if it suddenly stops or if you’re suffering from vertigo. If you can’t help it, just hold into it and quickly sanitize your hands.

4. ATM Keypads. We often ignore potential threats to our health in these places, probably because we’re too pre-occupied with some other things – money, pickpockets, other ATM users – these turn our attention away from the real danger – germs. Good thing is, you can easily avoid getting these creepy on your fingertips by using just your knuckles. Of course, don’t forget to sanitize immediately to make sure none of them survives.

5. Toy stores. You probably think those innocent looking, cuddly little toys are germ free until you realize children did a lot of things to it – licking, rubbing it on their faces, anything you can imagine. The safest way to avoid the spread of disease, always sanitize the toy before your kids can even have the chance to touch them when you get home.

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