Must-have Smartphone Applications for a Travel Junkie

Augmented Reality information technology, hand, smartphone screen, street business, servicesTraveling is a luxury that is quite possible for anyone with the budget to accomplish within these days. This is all thanks to cheaper flight options and short-term accommodations. The demand for traveling also translates to other platforms such as the Android and Apple application market. There are a ton of smartphone applications out there and you would definitely get lost if you don’t have something specific in mind. That’s why we’re here to filter things out and serve you the best smartphone applications for a travel junkie,




Hopper is an application for your primary travel needs, flight, and accommodation. It is a compact app which has a lot of cool features that some similar applications lack. The color-coded scheme they have implemented in their flight calendar helps people to know which are the cheapest and the most expensive. It is also possible to predict the prices of flight deals within the application.


Hotel accommodation bookings can also be made inside the application which is arguably a lot better than installing another application that would definitely do the same thing.




PackPoint is a dream come true for several people out there who are bad at organizing. Basically, the app helps you up with your traveling preparations, making sure that you have everything before you depart. PackPoint analyzes your length trip and suggests the things you need to bring. The weather system inside the app is also very handy, especially for those who are always on the go. Activities available on your destination, be it indoors or outdoors may also be viewed inside the application.




This application is perfect for avid international flyers. Since jet lag can be easily acquired when traveling to different time zones, it would be convenient if you have something to help you with the jet lag. Timeshifter would also be able to help you with jetlag pre-flight, recommending sleep patterns that you might need to commit to in order to dodge jetlag. The sleeping suggestions are also backed up by scientific research. The application is also personalized, meaning that it would take a lot of things about you and consider it before brewing the perfect sleeping pattern.


XE currency converter


This currency converter is by far the best because of its online and offline features. You can easily see updated currency values when you’re online. The application can also work offline, so you can easily manage your funds even without a proper internet connection.





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