Must-Know Tips for First-Time Travelers

First time travelSetting off to a new destination surely is exciting, especially if it’s your first time. Yet, it’s kind of daunting at the same time. What awaits outside your country’s borders? How will you cope with what the world will throw at you? There’s a lot of questions going on your head right now but don’t worry, we got your back as we can give you some tips that might help you enjoy your first trip.

  1. Don’t overbook

It’s very tempting to get everything locked in, especially if it’s your first time visiting a certain place. While it’s true that it takes out the hassle and makes you feel less worried, sometimes, it’s not recommendable to book everything – every hostel, breakfast, transfer, lunch, and dinner. Make sure to also leave some space to change your itinerary and take opportunities as they present themselves. You’ll definitely have a more memorable travel experience.

  1. Don’t use a travel agent for everything

It’s easy these days to book an entire trip for yourself over the internet. But sometimes, travel packages will only let you see what the world has already seen. DIYing some things on your itinerary will make you see the other side of a place that most tourists haven’t seen yet. This will also help you save more.

  1. Don’t look too touristy

It’s definitely exciting to get the perfect OOTDs and go for dressy outfits for that perfect IG post saying you’ve been here or whatnot. However, doing so can make you a hot subject for scammers and thieves. If you can, try not to dress too much to avoid all eyes on you and try not to part with too much cash.

  1. Do your research

In any trip, whether you’re already a frequent traveler or not, it is always best to do your research first. This will help you stay away from travel scams in the place you’re going to and this will help you enjoy the place more.

  1. Do alert your bank

If you’re traveling abroad, make sure that you notify your bank. In this way, you can avoid any inconvenience. This will help your bank anticipate possible transactions during your vacation as well. With this, the bank won’t block it thinking it wasn’t you who’s spending your money abroad or whatnot. Doing so can also help you temporarily increase your credit limit during your trip if you request them.

Once done with the above, you are now ready. Enjoy!


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