New Zealand Attractions

New Zealand is one of the hot spots for visitors and tourist around the world. It is claimed to be the last island occupied by man because it is one of the remotest land on earth. It is found in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean and composed of numerous islands with two big islands located in the North and  South regions. This country is 1,500 km or 900 miles of the east Australia and 1000 km away from the New Caledonia which is at the south of the Pacific Island Nations.

The isolation of the island from the rest of the world is one of the reasons why indigenous people and a great number of species of birds, animals and wildlife inhabit this calm and friendly island. However, due to the country’s advancement and population increase, many of them have become extinct and left their natural habitat.

Due to the abundance of the country’s history and culture, New Zealand is a home of numerous, spectacular, and breathtaking landmarks.

Here are the top five and most visited spot in New Zealand:

1.       The Beehive Building. Found in Wellington (also known as the Parliament Building), Beehive Building was designed with the shape of a real beehive. The building was magnificently planned by the Scottish architect. Inside this ten-story building are the offices of the Prime Minister of the Country and other cabinet members.

2.     The Mount Eden.  Another most-visited attraction for tourists is Mount Eden found in Auckland. Otherwise known as the Maungawhau, Mount Eden is the Auckland’s premiere volcano. Its slope has a number of beautiful trails suitable for hiking and walking. It’s so easy to get to the topmost part of the mountain where you can see the beauty of the whole city below.

3.      Parnell Rose Gardens. Most of the visitors in the gardens are botanists and rose enthusiasts. It settles at the heart of the dove-Myer Robinson Park with more than 4,000 beautiful roses, making it as one of the world-renown gardens.  Nearby is the Nancy Steen Garden where numerous gorgeous white roses are grown. They also have the annual Parnell Festival on November where visitors can witness their amazing tour music entertainment around the city for free

4.     Rotorua. Experience the most wonderful and relaxing natural spa in the entire south Pacific – the Rotorua. It’s one of the many destinations in New Zealand where you can enjoy the coziest spas in the world like their Bath House.  Visitors all around the world come and indulge in the natural springs’ therapeutic all-natural experience.

5.     One Tree Hill. Yet another famous landmark that New Zealand are always proud of. This is one of the tallest volcanoes in Auckland, revered as the memorial ground of the people of Maori. It is called One Tree hill because of the only Totara tree planted in it.  History states that One Tree Hill during the 1800’s was replaced by a pine tree in the late 20th century, not just once but twice, destroyed for unknown reason. It has plenty of smaller hills that add to the spectacular beauty of the whole landmark.

With these top five landmarks mentioned above, it’s no wonder New Zealand has become one of the world’s most visited countries. Its remarkable history, the abundance of culture and economy– New Zealand paves its way to the top of all tourists’ destinations.

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