North Korea Fires Another Set of Projectiles Into Sea

North Korea fires another setThe Guardian reported that North Korea was seen to fire unidentified objects yet again. The projectiles are fired towards the eastern coast of North Korea. A week before this launch, another set of missiles were also fired, according to authorities from South Korea.


Point of origin


More details from authority indicated that Sondok was the town where the unidentified projectiles were prepared and launched. The same village is also the location of an airfield that hosts and facilitates these launches that North Korea makes. Korean authorities said that they are steadily monitoring launch activities from North Korea. They are also implementing measures to become ready in case something happens.


The unknown objects were seen to fly up to 200km/s and attained an altitude of 50 kilometers.


Japan’s thoughts


Authorities from Japan, specifically the Defense Minister Taro Kono, stated that the projectile launch that Korea made are all ballistics. They have also confirmed that these launches didn’t enter their economic zone, which would cause a problem if ever happened.


More details are being mined about the past projectile launches. North Korean authorities, however, say that these projectile launches are part of their military drills. Kim Jong Un is also well-aware of these drills and is also said to be the one ordering them.


Protests and more issues


Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister, spoke about South Korea. She labeled their reaction with the launch as “frightened dog barking,” especially when all of these ends up to protests and complaints about the launches they made.


The latest negotiations between North Korea and the US are currently on hold. The launch was also made after the expiration date of Pyongyang’s offer to Washington regarding sanctions.


Sanctions were pulled against North Korea due to their military weapons. These sanctions are filed by the US, South Korea, and other countries. The United Nations Security Council also got involved with everything as some nations reported it to them.


KCNA, however, reported that the launches are all meant for testing and aren’t a way of showing threat, according to Kim Jong Un’s sister.


Several countries also expressed their concern about North Korea’s missile firing before this current one. This includes Germany, Belgium, France, and other European countries. According to them, North Korean’s actions are considered to be threatening while also violating several UN resolutions.


Pressure over North Korea retains from several countries, especially its neighboring ones. Launch projectiles are remaining to be unidentified up to this date. However, if Kim Jong Un’s sister is telling the truth, then all of those are for military drill use only.



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