North Korea Gets Threatened for Military Conducts By South Korea and United States’ Plan Drills

North Korea was significantly threatened last Friday, receiving a “strong, persistent, and unprecedented” response coming from South Korea and the United States. South Korea and the United States prepare themselves for the military exercises that often take place on an annual basis, as recently planned. The military exercises are a part of essential efforts that aim to forestall or keep off North Korea’s growing missile and nuclear threats.

The foreign ministry department of North Korea accused the United States government of fueling tension and making use of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) an instrument to promote and conduct illegal hostile rules and policy that aim to pressure and coerce Pyongyang. Apart from regular activities, North Korea has ceased taking part in any military actions this year. The ministry said that the scheduled drills and conducts of the allies would certainly create a grave countercurrent of increasing tension.

In addition to the statements made by the North Korean ministry, it also said that if the United States aims to make use of its power and muscle as a way to counter everything, it will be certain that the DPRK’s option is going to be used as well. This means that North Korea will make use of a similar way or strategy to respond to whatever conduct or action made by the United States. DPRK is an acronym which stands for Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and is used by the North Korean government to show its serious response to the things presented by the United States and South Korea.

The North Korean government foresees the military exercises and drill of both South Korea and the United States as simply concealed ways to promote an aggression war. North Korea thinks that South Korea and the United States have these plans as a way to prepare themselves for a war against them. Prior to this, the North Korean ministry announced that the United States and South Korea will also have to face equally unprecedented persistence and strong counteractions. Moreover, the ministry also stated that if the United Nations Security Council will continue itself from being “inveigled” by the United States, North Korea will have no other recourse but to reconsider more actions that are deemed to be beyond the norms of military activities, and without any further explanations and elaborations.

These statements that were announced by the North Korean ministry came out just a couple of hours after the South Korean government announced the combined and joint exercises and drills with the United States military forces next week. It was added that the aforementioned joint exercises are going to be conducted in order to improve the procedures and operations of nuclear assets of the United States government. The joint drill that’s taking place next month is coined to be a normal and regular conduct that often takes place during the springtime.

It can be remembered that North Korea fired an extraordinary number of missiles in the previous year. This also included a number of intercontinental ballistic missiles or ICBM. The said missiles are aimed to strike and affect any part of the United States. This unprecedented missile firing made by the North Korean government was actually a preparation for its very first nuclear test that took place sometime in 2017.

According to a ministry official of South Korea, the military exercises or drills are expected to commence on the 22nd of February at the US Pentagon. These activities will also involve senior defense legislative and bureaucratic officials from South Korea and the United States respectively. And on the 23rd of February, the officials will visit the naval base in Georgia where major nuclear submarines are housed.


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