Pleasure of Air Travel

Travelling around the world is much more convenient if you have a comfortable trip and a safe landing in every passenger plane you get into. You’ll be amazed with this one-of-a-kind trip on the world’s biggest airline where all of you need is freely supplied—enter the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380.

Airbus A380 is owned by the Singapore Airlines but it is actually built in France and flies on British wings and engines. This proves Britain’s large-scale contribution to the manufacturing industry. It is the most unique passenger aircraft because it carries a duty free store in flight. Whatever you need during the flight, the flying store is always there with you throughout the trip.

The two-deckered plane is designed with 12 single cabins, 471 economy passenger seats and 97 business class seats which can be reclined to a bed with monitor, taking care of almost everything such as special massage on the passenger’s seat.

But for those who can afford the first class seats, there are 8 available for 8 people that have their own bathrooms bigger than the usual home bathrooms.  If you want to have a special and exclusive travel where you can nap anytime without disturbances, suite rooms will suit you best at an amazing £14, 000. Economy seats costs £540 while business class seats costs £3,000 to £4,000.

The captain of the flight, a 55 year-old Rerard Yeap said that it’s an absolute pleasure to fly this plane. The smooth, quite and roomy flight makes it the world’s best airplane said one of the passengers Roger Simpson from Cornwall. And according to the Singapore Airlines and Airbus manufacturer, Airbus A380 is the greener and the cleaner, the smarter and the quieter compared to its rivals since it only burns up lower than 20% fuel with the smallest amount of carbon dioxide emission for every passenger.

Originally, the super jumbo passenger jet Airbus A380 carries 525 passengers all in all but it can manage to house even more than 800 people.

On the other extreme is this little one-Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental passenger airline. The plane is a 250-feet long aircraft which won as Guinness Book of Records as the World’s longest airplane as well as World’s Smallest Passenger Aircraft. It’s no longer than Boeing which has the passenger seats of 51 compared to the standard 747 seaters passenger plane.  The World’s smallest plane is proudly from Puerto Rico, USA and it is owned by Juan Jimenez of San Juan Puerto Rico.

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