Quake and Tsunami Hit Japan

Photo: NHK World

A powerful earthquake measuring 8.8 in magnitude struck northern Japan today producing tsunami as high as 6 meters and causing devastation across the country.

The quake caused power outage that affected 4 million homes and buildings in Tokyo and nearby areas.   Farms and homes were washed away in the Miyagi prefecture.  An oil refinery and some homes near Tokyo also caught fire. Cars, trucks and homes were swept away by the massive waves. Streets have been flooded and some residents trapped inside their homes. People were reported missing due to the tsunamis.

The Narita and other airports have been closed.  The Tokyo Metro stopped the operations in all its subway lines. The metro and bullet trains also halted affecting leaving millions of passengers stranded.

Authorities issued alerts and warnings for more aftershocks and tsunamis. The people were asked to evacuate to safer places.  An earthquake response system has been organised by the government to attend to the needs of the people. The massive damage is currently being assessed and Japan is currently in an emergency situation.

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