Selena Gomez, Julia Michaels Share a Kiss; Flaunt New Matching Tattoos

Selena and JuliaSelena Gomez has once again made her fans buzzing. On Tuesday, the “Lose You to Love Me” singer posted a series of Instagram stories revealing a brand new tattoo that matches Julia Michaels’. Plus, a photo of them sharing a kiss.

Selena Gomez recently debuted her new meaningful tattoo on her IG story. The tattoo is just a simple arrow placed on her left hand, though. But what made fans talking was her caption that says, “It’s tatted… my arrow points to you forever.”

Julia Michaels also got the same tattoo but on her right hand. Guess they went to the same tattoo parlor on the same day? But what made the people reacted more was that the “If You Need Me” singer also added a juicy caption to her IG story and it says, “Always to you baby. Love you.”

Gomez then posted a series of photos of them getting tattoos on her IG feed as well with a caption that says, “My love, my heart and my soul as she tags Michaels and added a black heart emoji. Apparently, the tattoos were part of Michaels’ birthday celebration, who will soon turn 26 this November 13.

Celebrity tattoo artist London Reese was the one behind those tattoos. And he also posted some behind the scenes photos on his personal IG account with a caption that reads, “I tattooed Julia while Brad tattooed the ever sweet (Selena Gomez).” “The vibes were the sickest and both these girls are as dope as you could hope for,” he added revealing more details on how the tattooing process went for the two singers. Aside from the series of photos of Gomez and Michaels getting their matching arrow tattoos, Reese also revealed a video showing how Gomez and Michaels held hands during the tattooing process.

But that’s not the only thing that made their fans talking. Apparently, Gomez also shared a photo of them sharing a kiss. Not on the cheeks, though, but on the lips. Yes, you read it right. They kissed on the lips as they shared the stage. So, are they dating?

If you’re not a hardcore fan, you might find this a bit intriguing and think their dating. However, it turns out, the two hit singers are just longtime best friends. And the “Hotel Transylvania” star has recently shut down dating rumors about her recently on Halloween via Instagram saying. “I’m not dating anyone.”


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