Tips on Photography

Photography was coined by Sir john Herschel of Royal Society of London from two Greek words: “phos or photos” which means “light”, and “graphé” which means “to write”. It is the art of creating pictures by recording them on a radiation-sensitive device such as camera, photographic film or an electronic digital image sensor.

The first photographs were made by the Greek mathematicians Euclid and Aristotle and the Chinese philosopher Mo Ti using the pinhole camera during 4th and 5th centuries.  After 20 years, a well-refined and improved modern photographic process came into reality. Digital cameras were made in large numbers in the mid 19th century.

Photography is all about light. So this art is your dream, you can begin by learning the functions of the shutter speed, aperture and colors, and practice the basics of photography.

Five smart tips for beginners to focus in photography

  1. Light. Since photography is all about light, it should be the main focus of your photographs. You have to be more careful on where the shadow of your subject falls before taking a shot. It’s better to take pictures is early morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is low in the sky.
  2. Light Directions. Take a shot when the sun hit your subject from the side in order to get a great modeling 3D picture. When you happen take a shot on a subject against the sunlight, there is a tendency of getting flare in the lens of the camera which creates a degrading contrast to the captured image.
  3. Camera Flash. A very little lighting fitted on the cameras is the worst kind of light in photography. It will have a red eye effect on the subjects and flatten their faces resulting in a ghastly appearance. When using your camera flash, keep your subject away from the wall particularly the light-colored or the black-colored one.
  4. Apertures. Aperture plays an important role in the depth of the field. It makes sure that everything that need to be focused on is the center of the shoot and exclude away the things that is out of focus. Select the aperture mode of the camera and the camera itself will select its shutter speed based to the available light.
  5. Shutter Speeds. This is a great help in shooting moving objects. When the focus needs to have a shutter speed for the moving objects, select the shutter speed mode of the camera. Your camera will choose a perfect aperture according to the light reading in order to make a great photograph.

Characteristics of good photography

  1. Unique light and color. A great photograph starts with the uniqueness of light and color. Perfect light can turn ordinary setting into a surprising, lively, colorful scene. This usually happens during sunset and sunrise. Just be sure that you are in the right time and right angle of the shoot.
  2. Capture the real emotion. Whether they be about laughing or crying, a great photograph has to shows the right emotions. It will certainly capture the audience’s emotion about the picture.
  3. Relating a story and leave something to imagine. This is the proof that the book is better and genuine than the movie because it tells a story and allows us to use our own imagination to the most amazing things that can relate to us. Pictures or images leave something in our minds or to imagine doing the same things in our times. In addition, the whole scene in the pictures will instill lot of information to one’s mind.
  4. Shows the whole details of the subject. In a society where people dwell in perfectionism, people’s attention captures every single detail of our works.

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