Strange Historical Facts You May Have Not Learned in School

Going to school can be fun especially if you like the subjects. You may have favorites like history but there are things and facts you probably don’t know about because they weren’t taught at school. Though they won’t affect you because they happened already, you may want to know about strange and interesting facts from history.

longestwarLongest War

In the past, there have been a lot of wars from Europe, to America, to Asia and to almost all of the continents. You may wonder what or which war was the longest? Well, according to research, the longest one was between the Isles of Scilly and the Netherlands. It started in 1651 and officially ended in 1986. What is more interesting is the fact that there are no casualties.

Karl Marx

You may have known Karl Marx as one of the greatest philosophers and revolutionaries. You may also consider him as one of the staunch critiques of the United States imperialism. However, it may surprise you because he was once a correspondent of a well-known newspaper in the United States. He once wrote for the New York Daily Tribune.

Paris Babies

You most likely have joined at least one raffle in your life. One main reason why you did is because of the big prize money or package that contains entertainment sets or other home appliances. However, a raffle in a Paris orphanage is very far from the usual raffle that we know. Sometime later in 1911, the orphanage organized a raffle and what they gave as prizes are live babies.

England King

When you read about dynasties and kingdoms, you would know about kings and queens that governed millions of people and how long they reigned. You read about controversies and assassinations. But, one of the many interesting facts about them is King George I who once ruled England. Of course, you would expect that he is English. However, it was found out that he was actually a German.

Arabic Numerals

For many centuries now, we have been using the Arabic numerals. Without it, we could not imagine how the world would go now. Imagine how economies would grow without these numbers? You would think that the Arabs invented the numbers but they did not. It was the Indian mathematicians who invented the Arabic numerals.

With these interesting facts, you can have something to share to friends and you can also have a different view of the world now.



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