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Interesting Facts about Antarctica

The term Antarctica came from the Greek word “Antarktos” which mean “opposite to the Arctic”. It is the third smallest continent taking only 10% of Earth’s area. It is located in the southernmost part of the Earth. It has the strongest wind as well, known as the katabatics. Its velocity can reach up to 320 […]

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Future of the Polar Bears

In the year 2006, the winter in the northern hemisphere had the lowest level of ice in three decades which was just 14.6 million square kilometres.  The average recorded from 1979 to 2000 was 15.9 million kilometres.  Given this situation, there is a posing threat to the polar bears that are dependent on the ice […]

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Life in the Arctic

In the far northernmost part of the earth lay ahead the gigantic ice-covered land located at 66° and 32 minutes north Latitude called the Arctic. Arctic regions include almost the whole part of Canada, United States,  Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Iceland and the whole Arctic Ocean—the subarctic regions. Among the earth’s ecosystems, Arctic region is […]

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