Burj Khalifa Tower

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts on Tallest Skyscrapers

In the past, the temples and palaces were considered as the symbol of power in the various places in the world. These days, big cities in the world have skyscrapers to symbolize economic power and also to build their identity. The boom in the construction of tall buildings is also noted in places where the […]

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Media Technology

Interesting Facts About RadioTowers

Radio Towers and its masts are among the tallest structures of the world which is design to support antennas or aerials that are being used for telecommunication, transmission and news casting on televisions. They operate the same with our electricity pylons and wind turbine towers. Let us define first what is tower and mast. Some […]

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Top News

New Year’s Eve

The year 2011 was welcomed with spectacular fireworks display across the globe. Although Kiribati, one of the islands in the Pacific, had the first New Year, the major fireworks started in Auckland, New Zealand.  The 328-metere Sky Tower, the tallest man-made structure in the country, was the centre of the explosions of white, red and […]

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