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Australian States in Flood Crisis

Australian states have been experiencing worst flooding due to the days of heavy rainfall and expected to continue for more than a month. Considered as the strongest La Nina on record, the affected states are New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Weather scientists believed that the warming of the Coral and Tasman Seas led to […]

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Flood in Pakistan Brings Devastation

(Photo: cnn.com) More than 200 people have been killed in southeastern Pakistan as heavy rains continue to cause flooding in the area. The United Nations described the devastating floods as the greatest humanitarian crisis ever recorded in modern history with million homes and properties damaged and destroyed. The spokesperson of the UN office for the […]

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El Niño in the Tropics

Western and Eastern countries along the borders of the Pacific are among the ones that have been greatly affected by this unusual but recurrent anomaly known as the El Niño or “the small boy” in the English language. The name was coined with reference to baby Jesus who was thought to have been born on […]

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