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Interesting Facts about Europe’s Big Freeze

Europe’s weather did not go well as it is this winter season and things began to pummel in a stage of deep peril. Massive snowfalls have infiltrated houses, hindered transportation and disappointed travelers and tourists under the freezing climate. The below average temperatures in twenty-two countries in Europe have caused deaths to hundreds with thousands […]

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Rare October Snowstorm Hits U.S.

A rare snowstorm hit U.S.  Northeast over the weekend and has caused major damage to electric infrastructure across six states. About a million people are still without power due to the widespread power outages and utility crews are still struggling to restore electricity to the affected areas. The storm was accompanied by howling winds and […]

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Heavy snow hits NY

On December 27, 2010, the New York metro was hit by snowstorm. The streets were covered with deep-piled snow and created chaos for transportation and travellers. The JFK, La Guardia and Newark International airports were closed. The rail and highway transport systems were suspended if not cancelled. This winter storm may not be as worse […]

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