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Popular Checked-in Places in Facebook

Facebook Stories unveiled its 25 Most-checked in Places around the world as part of its year-end review. Travel still ranks as the second hottest topic in the social media next to relationship updates. It includes some of the places most people are already familiar with such as Disneyland, Gorky Park, and Marina Bay Sands – […]

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Famous Theme Parks in China

The trendiest things on earth have come to reality.  China recently added to its collection of wonderful places and travel destinations – two theme parks that people would like to go back and see time and again. 1. The World Chocolate Wonderland Theme Park in Beijing, China. The first ever chocolate theme park of China […]

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Exciting Theme Parks

Are you looking for fun and excitement? Well, the only place that can provide these things are theme parks. Theme parks are places where different types of rides can be found. The main purpose of theme parks is to provide entertainment to the people regardless of the age. Yes, there is no age requirement to […]

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