The 5 Secrets to Packing Light for Frequent Travelers

How to pack lightPacking is probably the hardest part of traveling. You have to think of your baggage, your OOTDs, the weather, etc. But don’t worry, we got your back as we can give you some tips on how you can pack light yet have everything you need with you. Here are some travel hacks you need to take note of to help you travel light.

  1. Start with a smaller bag

This hack is like what you should do on a diet too – you know, you have to eat on a smaller plate so you’d trick your brain that you’ve already eaten a lot. It’s kind of the same thing when packing. You should try to fill your smaller luggage first to remind yourself of the limited luggage space that you have and be forced to choose your needs first before your “wants.”

  1. Pack clothes that are easier to mix and match

Anyone who’s used to packing light will tell you that packing clothes that are easy to mix and match makes a huge difference. Many frequent travelers suggest that you pack clothes with neutral colors so they’re easier to mix and match. Also, choose tops that would still good if paired with skirts or pants.

  1. Wear the bulkiest

If you want to bring your boots or chunky shoes with you, it would be much better if you wear them. Then, pack your lightest pair of shoes. It would save more space.

  1. Layer

If you’re traveling to a cold place, we suggest that you layer your clothes. It would also save more space plus doing so offers more flexibility and keeps your bag light.

  1. Pack for a week

Whether you’re traveling for two weeks, a month, or a year, break your list down into more manageable chunk and pack clothes for one week. A week is a manageable amount of time. When the weekend comes, you’ll need to do laundry. It requires more effort, though. But, remember, it’s worth the effort as doing laundry is a lot cheaper than checking in a bag.


Packing light requires some sacrifices. This means you’d have to leave your favorite pair of shoes or bulky clothes at home. You might miss the best OOTD award too. But it’s worth it if you’ll think of how light your baggage would be plus the time and money that you can get to save from packing and checking in your bag.


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