The Best Apps for Restaurant Hunting

Restaurant huntingTraveling to new cities and countries isn’t all about taking in new sights and experiences. A huge part of your trip should be about tasting all of the amazing dishes a culture has to offer because it’s not always that you get to that place. While you are there, it’s important to try out some of the best dishes that the locals are proud of sharing with others.


Finding the best places to dine at is no easy feat. Most are left with asking locals for help regarding the matter but the help of digital technology is useful for these tasks. We’re listing down the best apps you can use to make sure that you are going to dine at the best restaurants possible.


Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is one of the top apps that every traveler should have on their phone. It’s an all-around app that lets you get a sneak peek of not just restaurants, but other attractions such as tourist spots, hotels, and more. What’s best about Trip Advisor is that it gives you an unfiltered review of the restaurant as you’ll see firsthand reviews immediately upon clicking on a location.



FourSquare is every foodie’s best friend. Not only does this app give you a glimpse of the best restaurants in a city. While it may not get a lot of love from traveler, it does get a lot of love from foodies. If you look carefully enough, you’ll be able to bag discounts and deals at select restaurants. These restaurants will give you up to 10% off so download FourSquare as soon as you can.


Open Table

Open Table isn’t your run-of-the-mill restaurant app as it does more than just point you to the best grub possible. With the help of this app, you can easily book your seats at a restaurant making it easier for you to eat at places that people frequent. Aside from getting your seats, this app will also get you some cashback by choosing to dine at the restaurant.



When you really can’t pick a restaurant to dine at, then it might be time to try out Urbanspoon. Basically, Urbanspoon is a slot machine for restaurants right at your phone. How it works is that you pic from a couple of set parameters and let the slots roll randomly. This will direct you to a restaurant which fits your current craving.


These apps will treat the foodie in you while making sure that your traveler at heart is contented as well. There are more food apps to try out there so explore as much as you can.



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