The Deadly Flood

December 5, 2010 | Natural Disasters

Unexpected enormous catastrophes in the land—who are responsible for all of these?
The August 3, 2010 water floods in Pakistan were considered the worst flood to ever happen in the land. This flood swallowed the entire central Pakistan and washed out dozens of villages causing 1,500 deaths of villagers from the mountainous areas.
The rush muddy water flows in the bank of the Punjab’s river ravages the vast agricultural land which is the source of productions in some provinces in Pakistan. According to the U.N., this catastrophe will lead to 1.8 million villagers to be fed in the long run.
Adding insult to injury, this flood is coming from the fresh rainfalls in the northwest which speed up the overwhelming of major dams in Pakistan that releases the severe overflows. It washes out the bridges and roads, cutting all communication lines that make the process of rescuing the 3.2 million victims to safety by the rescue teams. It is too hard for the Pakistan government to cope up with the scale of the catastrophe when it devastated the entire economy of the land while at the same time fighting for a brutal war against Taliban.
Therefore the near countries and several organizations who sympathize to the government give their supports like United States of America who is sending six huge military helicopters to help the victims. However, many victims are still complaining because of the aids which did not reach them immediately especially to Punjab, the most populous province of Pakistan.
According to the footage of the Associated Press Television News, villagers in Kot Addu sought refuge to their rooftops and tried to bring their livestock up as they could to save what they have in hand. However, sad to say that only tree tops and highest floors are visible at the moment.
A resident of the small town near Kot Addu Ghulam Mustafa said that he was being surprised by the huge flood which made him to leave his three kids who are in the religious school while he escapes together with the rest of the family in the place. And as of now, he does not know where his kids are.
Who are to be blamed for this? Is it the weather agency or the people around the area?
Disaster management Authority spokesman Adnan Khan reprimanded villagers to vacate the area as soon as possible when they saw that the water level of the Warsak Dam rise.  However, when the warning was heard by the villagers, it’s too late to escape because the flood is already coming. There were 1,500 people who died according to the spokesperson of the international Committee of the Red Cross while more than 100,000 people are at risk of many diseases.  U.N. and U.S. give $10 million and supplies relief goods to the victims of Pakistan’s worst nightmares.

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