The Meaning of Wise Men’s Gifts You May Not be Aware Of: Were These Men Kings or Magi?

Now that Christmas is over, you may have popularly heard of the post-holiday celebration called, “The Three Kings.” As much as you may celebrate this post-Christmas event, have you ever asked yourself if you really have an idea on the meanings of the gifts these kings brought to Joseph and Mary, upon the birth of Jesus Christ? Do you know these kings by heart, or do they come across as strangers to you?

First, let’s start in defining and describing the gifts the three kings have in store for Jesus:

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Gold is a symbol of Christ’s deity as a king. Furthermore, frankincense symbolizes the purity of Christ as being referred to as priest of God. Finally, myrrh is a symbol of Christ’s anointed work output as a prophet figure, and of Christ’s death.

Let’s dive into taking a deeper look or more in-depth review of such gifts. Doing so is likely going to enable us to be aware of the meaning of the melody we sing, when we belt out the tune of the Christmas holiday classic song, “We Three Kings.”

  1. Gold is the Kingship of God

Gold symbolizes God due to the former’s tremendous high-quality and, hence, value, people put on it. As such, gold is a rare element that’s always been in its natural purest form. The gift of gold to Christ that a king has given is a symbol of the begotten son, sent by God to rule as a king over his people. This gift of a wise man’s paves the way for Jesus to be known as King at birth, this status is the same experience others of similar state go through in their lifetime.

  1. Frankincense is the High Priest of God

Frankincense refers to the sweet aroma clear resin that is acquired from trees in the northern parts of India and Arabia. Frankincense is a component that’s included in the making or manufacture of perfumes and incense. Many people give value to this element’s sweet and pleasurable smell and healing effects emitted.

Furthermore, frankincense is an element that’s been utilized as a property included in the Lord’s sanctuary. It’s synonymous to a property part of a meat offering, and as a sweet savory element (incense).

  1. Myrrh is the Prophet of God

Myrrh refers to the spice properties utilized in the manufacture of medicine, cosmetics materials, and anointing oil. Myrrh is usually put into the oil as a mixing solution used to anoint prophets for the purpose of designating work that’s divine in nature, with the revelation of God as a savior, and further enhancing the communication of God’s will and words addressed to His people.

The Definitions Behind King, Priest, and Prophet

In general, history attributes the coming of Jesus as a King of Israel (Messiah). The other attributes of such a coming are defined as priest of God (to shoulder the sins that humankind commit), and prophet of God (to speak God’s words).

It’s objective to state, thus, that the three wise men may all be called kings and magi. These men rule over the purity and holiness of the beings who have given blessings to Christ upon his birth. Having said this, such blessings these men bestow upon Christ enhances Jesus’ capability to be a powerful holy being on earth when he grows up. To this end, Jesus Christ becomes equipped to be the savior and support system of humankind and the other properties that overall make up the earth’s surface.

When everything else in life’s aspects seem hopeless, humankind and the other properties of earth turn to Jesus Christ and God to lead them to the best path in life that can save them or make life better.


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