The Top 6 Countries Where Earthquakes are Most Prone to Occur

The countries where earthquakes are most prone to occur make up the majority of earthquake-caused damages in the world! Living and being physically present in any of these countries, thus, requires any person to be prepared and vigilant for the occurrence of the next earthquake at any time.

Why do earthquakes occur?

Among the factors that cause the occurrence of earthquakes are plate tectonics, magma movement amongst volcanoes, fluctuations in temperature, and water pressure, and strong winds. No person or any other entity has the power to stop an earthquake from happening.

However, it’s the discretion of every person to exercise caution and protect themselves from the ravages left by an earthquake, in case it does occur.

Top 10 countries most prone to earthquakes

  1. Japan

Japan is situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire in the continent of Asia. The Pacific Ring of Fire is a part of Asia where tectonic activities and earthquakes frequently take place. Because of the rampancy of the occurrence of such activities in this part of Asia, Japanese people have come up with the usage of a technology that can sense the occurrence even of the minimal magnitude of earthquake.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia has earthquakes that have greater magnitudes than 6.0 almost annually, on a constant basis. In 2018, Indonesia had nine earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 6.0 that happened within the nation. Thousands of lives were incurred as losses due to these earthquakes. Indonesia is also one of the countries situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire. With this said, the country is vulnerable into being attacked of volcanic activities, droughts, floods, and tsunamis.

  1. China

In 2008, a 7.9 magnitude of earthquake occurred in Sichuan province, with greater than 87,000 people dead or missing. This earthquake was the deadliest one in 18 years.

China is a top country most prone to earthquakes since it’s situated on top of multiple active tectonic plates that frequently shift and grind against one another. This grinding results in putting stress on the land. China is a country that is rich with multiple mountainous regions that are prone to landslides, and other types of geographical calamities and catastrophes. These elements are the causes of earthquakes in close areas, as well.

  1. Philippines

The Philippines is also situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Philippines, thus, is one of the countries in Asia where many earthquakes happen. Due to the Philippines’ mountainous surfaced geography, earthquakes can also be causes of landslides. Many people in the Philippines, thus, ensure their residences are made of strong structures, to aid in combatting the ravages of earthquakes.

  1. Iran

Due to Iran’s location and it being situated along multiple late boundaries and fault lines. Iran usually encounters a high frequency of occurrence of seismic activities. As a result, this situation causes in the generation of multiple plate boundaries and fault lines. Consequentially, due to the high risk of Iran to earthquakes, the country is home to rough terrain and unstable building structures.

One of the most catastrophic earthquakes to happen in Turkey was that which hit the Gilan province. This earthquake in 1990 has caused the loss of people’s 40,000 lives.

  1. Turkey

Turkey is located in an Anatolian peninsula in between the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Turkey is frequently struck by seismic activities, since its location is close to multiple massive fault lines. Turkey is located in between the Eurasian plate and the African and Arabian plates. Unafraid of such a risk, many people from other countries in the world still choose to live in Turkey due to the rich culture and beauty present in the country.



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