The World’s Most Powerful and Dominant Passports: The Top 10

When a person needs to travel and reach places outside his country, a passport is highly regarded as the most important tool to get him going. But don’t you know that there are passports that are powerful and influential? Basically, a particular passport is considered powerful when it gives its holder the power and freedom to visit a particular country without the need to secure a visa.

Because of the striking question about powerful passports, Arton Capital came up with a project known as Passport Index. This project took the initiative to search and point out the nations, countries, and territories that can be entered easily, the countries that are difficult to access and visit, and the countries that can be visited anytime without the need to secure a visa.

Countries that have powerful passports are mainly found on the European side. Take a look at the list and see for yourself if the passport you are carrying is one of them:

  1. Germany

It was in the year 2018 when Germany was tagged as the number one country that provides visa-free travel to its citizens. In fact, a German citizen with this kind of visa is allowed to travel to 178 nations and countries, allowing him to travel around the world, most likely.

  1. Singapore

Next to Germany is Singapore. It is an Asian country that has been searched as one of the top countries in the world that allow its citizens to travel with a dominant passport. Apart from being regarded as one of the best destinations in Asia, Singapore also issues powerful passports to its citizens, allowing them to travel and visit 176 nations and countries.

  1. France, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, England, and Japan

Of these countries, the majority are from the European continent and one is from Asia, all ranked number 3. These countries allow their people to visit 175 countries without the need to secure a visa.

  1. Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands

Landing at the number 4 spot is all countries from Europe. If you are a citizen in any of these countries, then you simply have the eligibility to go out of your country and be permitted to set foot on the soil of 174 countries.

  1. The United States, Ireland, Portugal, and South Korea

If you are an American, Irish, Portuguese, or South Korean and a holder of a passport that bears the name of your country, then you are lucky because this powers you up to fly and visit 173 countries and regions around the world.

  1. Canada

In the past few years, Canada had many interests, allowing people from other countries to travel or study in Vancouver, Toronto, and other key cities of the country. A Canadian passport allows a person to travel to 172 countries.

  1. Australia, Greece, and New Zealand

Offering their citizens, the privilege to travel to 171 countries, Greece, Australia, and NZ ranked number 7 among all countries that offer powerful passports.

  1. Czech Republic and Iceland

Both of these countries attract tourists and travelers from around the world, welcoming thousands of tourists each year. These countries issue potent passports that allow citizens to travel and visit 170 countries.

  1. Malta

Malta is a small Mediterranean island and is also a popular destination in Europe. Aside from being a popular spot for travel enthusiasts, it also gives its citizens a passport that permits them to visit 168 countries.

  1. Hungary

Completing the ‘top ten circle’ is another European country that is famous for its visa-free travels and fun parties. Hungary gives passports that allow its people to travel to 168 countries.

So, does your passport have what it takes to compete with these powerful passports?



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