Tips in Dealing with Difficult People

Psychologists have found out that  difficult people are the unhappy bunch who suffer from the lack of self-esteem. They need a special kind of treatment different from normal people we easily get along with.

You might have run into these people at one time or another. You can tell them by their habit of making things more difficult at the expense of other people. Oftentimes they would fuss on small, unimportant matters just to grab people’s attention. This surreal pettiness is what makes these people so annoying, that they earned the reputation as “difficult people.”

But before you lose your composure, stop and think for a moment and try to understand why these people are acting in a certain way.

Here are some helpful tips on how deal with them and quite possibly build a healthy relationship with these people:

1.  Stay calm. Don’t let your emotions take over. It’s one way of showing the other person that his attempt to “get to you” has failed.

2. Be objective. Difficult people dwell on the subjective side of things. But no matter how theatrical they are, they won’t stand against the hard facts.

3. Be professional. Flailing around like a small child is one sure way to lose respect. Act professionally and you’ll earn the respect you deserve.

4. Mean what you say. Show to the other person that you mean business. Keep in mind rule #1 & #2 to avoid falling on both extremes and maintain respect.

5. Show consideration. You have to realize that these people are having less than what normal people do. Most of these people suffer from low self-esteem and are plagued by their own insecurities.

Not all difficult people show the same symptoms. But all of them exhibit the same manifestations characteristic of an unhealthy personality.

As much as possible we must not try to beat them in their own game but be on the higher road and lead them to follow your example of a happy life free from unrealistic expectations and embracing life’s imperfections.

In fact, the best way to deal with difficult people is to make them realize how beautiful life can be if they’d just stop making it too difficult on themselves and to other people.

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