Tips on Screaming Kids

Parenting kids is the most crucial role of the parenthood. Parents must provide support to the children’s physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual needs. They need to support their children in conquering the challenges and developmental stages of life. Otherwise, it might result into a serious problem in the future.

Tips on how to stop your kids from screaming

When your kids learn how to scream this becomes another challenging role for you as a parent.  There are many ways in dealing with screaming kids.  Here’s a simple reminder for parents: a child won’t do anything without a reason. In most cases, they scream because they want to get your attention, they need something like something to eat, drink or sometimes because of frustration or being upset about something. Moreover, if you always yell, your children will adopt it too.  Kids learn to yell to get what they want.

As parents especially mothers, you need to focus on it as early as  possible. You have to be careful in dealing with this attitude. If you think yelling is effective, this kind of parenting is ineffective. Plan something that is best for you and your children.

Here are the five ways to stop the kids from screaming:

1. Face-to-face communication. If you see that screaming becomes the habit of your kid, get him into a serious talk. When you talk when your kid shut off all entertainments such as TV, play station and many more, get him into an eye to eye communication.  Never talk to him yelling from the kitchen nor from upstairs.  Start the conversation in a friendly and calm manner.

2. Pay attention to him. If you hear him screaming again, pay attention to him at first and always remind him what you have agreed and discuss in the previous conversation. By attending to your kid’s  needs and giving him constant reminders,  he will gradually stop the screaming habit.

3. Never give your kid the reason that screaming is the best way to get what he wants. Instead, tell about  the bad things associated with screaming. Ask him to tell you what he needs without shouting. It will only hurt his little throat and it’s not helping.

4. Never get into argument. Never spend so much time for a lengthy discussion. The recommended time is only two minutes. If your kid will shout again, leave and ignore him. Go back to your chores until he calms down. If he really needs it, he will know how to say it again to you.

5. Avoid shouting and do some structuring. Parents too need to stop shouting every time the kids are bullying. It is not helping in the situation instead it will deteriorate the situation much more if your kids learn to follow it too. So, avoid shouting and make some structure for your kids to follow. For instance you say at 4:00pm turn off the TV, even if they yap or whine; at least they do what you want them to. Once they get used following it, they will learn to value your voice as their parent.

Parenting kids is a difficult but rewarding task. Your children reflects something about you as a parent. People will judge you depending on what your children have become.

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