Top 5 Cleanest Cities in the World

Calgary Canada

The cleanest city is not judged by looking on just one specific place or angle. You have to consider the entire structure of the city – its waste control, human health and insights of the people residing in the certain place. Many cities considered to be the cleanest ones are usually those that are found in highly industrialized and modernized countries.

According to a survey by Mercer Quality of Living Survey, Global Financial and HR Consulting Firm,  more than 300 cities coming from different regions of the world gualified to be among  the world’s cleanest cities of 2011. The survey is based on the level of the overall cleanliness of the city including air, water and ground quality, air pollution level, waste management, infrastructure organization, human health, education and economy.

Here are the first five cities in the lists of cleanest cities in the world according to Mercer:

1. Calgary, Canada – Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and savanna of Canada, lies the beautiful and livable city of Calgary. The city has the two remarkable rivers, Bow and Elbow, gorgeously flowing around the city to maintain the continental climate and humidity of the place. A city close to Mother Nature, rivers and mountains contributes to the scent of clean fresh air breezing all over the city of more than a million people. No wonder it is on top of the list of the world’s cleanest cities. Energy production, oil and gas industry are one of the major sources of economic stability and prosperity in the city.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii – The second cleanest city is a home for a complete vacation experience and exotic activities, lying in a densely populated city in the American State of Hawaii – its very own panoramic and vibrant city capital – Honolulu. Its warm climate with lots of sunshine all year round, crystalline water, clean and peaceful place makes the gorgeous island famous all over the world. Almost everybody in the place is conscious about maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of the island and they are always ready to welcome all tourists from all over the world. Tourism is the city’s main source of income. -Specializing in Cheap Flights

3. Ottawa, Canada – Dubbed as the “Silicon Valley” of Canada, the capital of Ottawa is one of the cleanest yet highly industrialized cities in the world. Cleanliness is strictly observed in the city. Extensive use of light rail system in transportation has also reduced carbon emissions significantly.  It’s the best in terms of volunteers programs especially the annual Spring Cleaning the Capital which is from mid-April to the second week of May. More than 60,000 volunteers join in the city-wide campaign to clean various areas within the city such as roads, sidewalks and parks.

Helsinki Finland

4. Helsinki, Finland –  Helsinki is always remembered for its picturesque views city. It also has a light rail and subway system that has been in use for quite a long number of years.  Tourists and locals love its lush green environment and modern architecture. City authorities pay much attention to the cleanliness of the place because of its popularity and because it serves as the gateway to international trade in Europe.

5. Minneapolis, USA – A densely populated city yet still among the cleanest in world. Bike lanes are frequently used in different places and it also has a light rail system. Its name speaks well of the overall landscape of the city –  wetlands, lakes, and ponds, featuring the Mississippi river. Because of the city’s well-built structure and better services, more people move into the city. The growth of income tax generated are used to improve the overall maintenance and much better services to the people.

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