Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Raj Palace Hotel, India

If you have US$ 65,000 splurged for the night, then you have the Royal Penthouse Suite in the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. Known to be a super secure city but for self-preservationists and fearful rich, this hotel is perfect. Visiting heads of state prefer to enclose themselves at the hotel’s bulletproof doors and windows. Even celebrities afraid of paparazzi is enamored with its marvelous furniture like the grand Steinway piano a billiard hall and a leisurely library. What is amazing with the hotel is guest can arrive unscathed at their 12 room apartment using a private elevator or they can practice their survival skills at a private fitness center.

The Raj Palace Hotel in India is priced at US$ 45,000 per night for a Presidential Suite. This is the second most expensive hotel. It is one Asia’s biggest and includes a 4-floor apartment. The suite is decorated lavishly in gold leaf and stucco. In addition, there are works displayed in mirror and ivory. The 1500 square meter apartment has a secluded roof terrace. From the swimming pool the magnificent pink horizons of Jaipur is visible from the suite’s swimming pool. There is also a private museum to explore. A known and respected Maharaja was said to have owned the gloriously splendid Presidential Suite.

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

The Four Seasons Hotel in New York takes pride with its Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, which is priced at US$41,836 for a night. This hotel  boasts a wonderful 360 degrees Manhattan Vista view. The 400 square meter penthouse occupies the highest floor the Four Seasons Hotel. In addition, the textiles used in its cushions are threaded in gold and platinum. Inside the penthouse is a Zen garden and an astonishing and magnificent chandelier. The hotel also boasts of a first rate service. Guests can avail of a personal butler, a trainer and a driver who can ferry them in and out of New York. An interesting fact about this hotel is it is a collaboration of the high and the mighty Ty Warner, who incidentally is also the maker of Beanie babies and the hotel’s proprietor, the famous IM Pei and the hotel stylist Peter Marino.

The Penthouse Suite Hotel Martinez is located in Cannes, France. It is elegantly decorated and it comes with an enormous terrace plus a grandiose view of Bay of Cannes. Adorned in art deco style the hotel has comfortable sitting room, an elegant dining room and spacious two bedrooms. The elegant bathroom for two is equipped with hammam and a shower. Guests can also refresh with a spa bath and lounge at sauna and dressing rooms. This is the reason why it is priced at a rocketing US$37,500 per night. Furthermore, Hotel Martinez comes with a restaurant and piano bar. The restaurant by the way tops the list among Michelin raters and did we not mention, it has its own vast concealed beach

The Sky Villa Palms Resort in Las Vegas, owned by Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner,  is US$35,487 per night. The bunny themed hotel is located high in the Palm’s Fantasy Tower which has been designed in all its Playboys frivolities. The mind-boggling price does not entitle you to a breakfast. It is equipped with a rotating circle bed, an indoor pool complete with Bunny logo and a soaring cantilevered spa. It is also adored with Hef’s sexy arts collection. In addition the 836 square meter comes with a party sized bathtub, a bar and poker table. Furthermore, this  two-bedroom abode has an indoor waterfall.

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