Travel to Germany’s Untouched Treasure

Augustusburg Castle (Photo:

Prodigy and magnifico are words that best describe Germany’s  finest people. The famous designers, marvelous architects, brilliant engineers, ingenious musicians, poet writers, scientists and exotic cuisine are all found in this central European territory situated beside France and Netherlands and, extending to the Alps across the Northern European Plain.

Historical background

It was believed that the Celts are the first people in Germany back the B.C. century. There were invasion of territory against the Roman Empire later in fourth century A.D. Since then, the Germans remained the paramount ruler of the Roman Empire in history. Until the clash of world war dating back decades ago, it embarked the history of Germany into a dark pit. Occupying several neighboring countries, the Germans almost dominated the entire population. To the extent that the Soviet Union was abolished by the Allies, Germany calms its warzone to the grave leaving an ordeal yet significant past.

Tables have been turn in Germany’s tenebrous pitfalls; however, the insight bears numerous treasures. Let us bring Discover Travel and Adventure Channel in the cities of Germany and explore its metropolitan side.

Interesting facts about Travel to Germany

  • With a population of 81.8 million inhabitants, Germany speaks three official languages: German, Bavanrian and Halle. One way or another, the famous catchy phrase “Guten Tag” greets fellow peers a warm welcome.
  • The culture in the region still follows proper etiquette of European’s influence. Conversing while hands in pockets and crossing someone else’s handshake is disrespectful.
  • Unless there are certain gatherings, they pay for their meal and other expenses.
  • About 70 percent of the total German citizens are Christians, with 2 percent Muslims remaining the other population to free-thinkers.
  • The country’s cuisine is often thought to have awards for the best decorated eateries not to mention their famous sausage. Indeed, no one can vanquish German’s specialty sausages that are made from 1,500 different types.
  • Renowned by popular demand, alcoholic beverages are among the popular producers of the nation. If tequila hombre serves the best in Mexico, maybe you would prefer drinking the original beer brewery in Germany. On the other hand, fruits that are synthesized into wines and fruit juices are also produced in the country.
  • If you fond of taking pictures, then you may enjoy the urban zone of Germany. Imagine the castles and old churches that stood in every sovereign district during the period of Renaissance.
  • The cityof Berlin is found to be the center of science where the ‘Berliner Fernsehturm’ is a must-see place to visit before going elsewhere. It is also the hotspot of fashion shows, theatres, clubs and other entertainments.
  • Enjoy world-class museums and other state-of-the-art world galleries in Munich. In spite of the elegant business center, the city offers the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and classical symphony orchestra.
  • German’s ethnicity lies in the Deutsches Museums where you can sight landmarks, archives and everything you want to know about aesthetics.
  • Oktoberfest is one of the awaited events every year. The beer-drinking tradition with a twist of wild party represents the true market of a good German beer product.

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