Travel Guide to Macau and its Secrets

Macau at Night (Photo:

When you’re out for some nightlife activities why not visit Macau?

You can choose among several shows each night in the city’s finest hotels, bars, clubs and casinos. Casinos boosted the city’ business industry significantly since the opening of the Sands Casino, one of the biggest attractions in the city. Open 24/7 with a free entrance fee.

Macau is famed as a gambling and casino capital of the world other than Las Vegas. But aside from that, it is also a haven of diverse beautiful beaches, museums,  myriads of beautiful landscapes and skyscrapers which make Macau really worth the visit.

Macau is a perfect complement for Hong Kong. When it comes to food, Macau has a reputation of combining elements of Cantonese and Portuguese cooking. The unique food of Macau is one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

Macau has a subtropical climate with mild winters from January to March and hot summers beginning April. The autumn season is between October and December with occurrence of rainfalls in the middle. Typhoons are notable to strike between summer months until autumn which may stop all activities during summers. Generally, Macau experiences cold winters which occasionally drops to10 ?C or 20 ?F. However, the average climate is moderate to hot which varies between 16 ?C to 25 ?C the whole year round.

Places to visit

  • Macau Peninsula – the northernmost district bordered to the mainland China. The densely populated area is also the center of most of the tourists’ activities and attractions.
  • Coloane – the southernmost island considered as a desolate land unlike other regions because of its mountainous landscapes. However, it has numerous hiking trails, wonderful two beaches and resorts and a great area of first gulf course in Macau.
  • Taipa is the south island of the peninsula that can be reached by its three bridges. It is the place of the Macau’s International Airport and the major site of residential houses.
  • Cotai – is the land between the two islands Coloane and Taipa, and the casino central of Macau.

Brief History of Macau

Once upon a time during the 16th century, Macau was the first and last European community in the Far East. The Chinese government gave the Portuguese the prerogative to spearhead Macau in exchange of clearing the areas conquered by pirates. In 1887, the negotiation proved successful when the treaty was signed between China and Portugal. Macau became a Portuguese colony since then. In December 20, 1999, China ended more than 400 years of Portuguese colonization of Macau and was made Special Administrative Region (SAR) under the governance of China.

China assured that the country’s “one country, two systems” or the China’s socialist economic system will not be practiced in Macau. That means Macau will enjoy autonomy on all matters except foreign and defense matters of the state. Macau had its own government, police forces, money currency as well as postal classification.



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