Travel to Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a utopia for naturalist and lovers of idyllic pleasure. It’s a wonderful experience to visit the place surrounded by stunningly beautiful sights rarely found in other countries. It affords travel destinations for visitors and guests and offers convenient, spacious accommodation for the most comfortable vacation.

For your vacation ideas, here is a travel guide on the most wanted sites to see in Scandinavian countries.

1. Norway has, once again, been reported to have the highest rate as one of the best place to live in according to an annual report of the United Nations. It has the highest standards of living in terms of literacy, expectancy and economy rating.

When it comes to tourist attractions, Lillehammer of Norway has always been the choice for winter vacation because of its magnificent local skiing sites as well as winter sports activities. The 1994 Winter Olympics was held in Lillehammer.

Explore Scandinavian marine life and see the whales of Norway and Iceland to highlight your whale safari. They also offer scuba diving for those who want to see them up close.  Another unforgettable experience in Norway which is the traveler’s must-see — the Northern Light called Aurora Borealis. It is undoubtedly the best of Scandinavian attractions to be proud of.

2. Sweden is listed as the 6th best country to live in according to the 2005 United Nations human Development Report. Aside from country’s economic stability, Sweden has wide selection of tourist attractions.

A guided tour to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden takes you to the city’s interesting sights and historical places. Boat trip and air-conditioned bus is most suited for touring the major sights in the city. Visitors will surely enjoy their 3-hour tour aboard Brunch Cruise watching the beautiful scenery of Stockholm archipelago and feasting on their finest Swedish cuisine.

3. Denmark ranks as the 7th most open countries for foreigners around the world. Seventy-four percent of visitors or refugees are well-received in Denmark more than any other country.

Denmark’s castles are certainly the best part of the country. Kronborg Castle and Hamlet Castle, which is the actual inspiration of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, remains to be most famous travelers’ destination in Denmark.

The Oresund Bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden is also one of the most visited sites in the country with more than 60, 000 travelers. The Old Town of Aarhus is a historic site in Denmark. Old houses and shops for food and drinks impart an idyllic feeling of rural life in Denmark.

Danish Royal Gardens near Copenhagen is a peaceful place for those who want to experience serenity with nature. It’s an ideal place for those who want to take a break from the city life.

For summer vacation trips, Scandinavian sandy beaches are the best choice. Late June to late August is ideal for summer getaways.

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