Trump Approves $2.2 Trillion Bill Aid for Fight Against Coronavirus

Trump Approves $2.2 Trillion Bill AidPresident Donald Trump of the United States of America puts his signature on a bill that aims to help citizens with the ongoing COVID-19 threat. Trump signed the $2 trillion bill as a form of cash assistance for businesses, American citizens, and medical facilities.

The House of Representatives worked for the bill quickly, which allowed Trump to sign it immediately. The representatives arrived in a unanimous decision, which made the process a lot faster.

President Trump signed the bill through a ceremony, accompanied by congressional leaders and government officials. He said that the law passed is crucial for delivering assistance and conducting relief operations for affected citizens and households of the virus.

The White House and Congress are, however, facing tensions over discussions about the implementation of the law. Trump said on a statement he made that he wouldn’t let an inspector general do its work without observation and permission from him.

Democrats, however, argued that a new inspector general is needed and essential to verify that the White House won’t be misusing the large sum of money.

Different sectors, including the White House, Treasury Department, and the Small Business Administration, are all working together hastily to implement the law ASAP.

The law enables the Internal Revenue Service to distribute $1,200 to the millions of Americans affected by the pandemic. $1 trillion from the whole funds would be allocated to loans and assistance for various businesses that need help to start again.

A lockdown has been imposed by the Government as an act to contain the virus and prevent it from further spread. Schools throughout America are all closed, and people have stopped going outside since the order for a lockdown has been put in effect.

There are more than 100,000 Americans infected by the COVID-19, while deaths are now 1,500.

The economic loss of America and its uncertain future lead American workers to get their unemployment benefits.

Filers for the unemployment benefits might need to wait for some time because of the processes the law should get into before they can get profits.

The director of economic policy, Shai Akabas, said that this particular scenario is scarce. Akabas also stated that the distribution of these financial aids and benefits would take a lot of time and will genuinely impose a challenge to the Government. Akabas then noted that cooperation by different sectors such as the Federal government, states, and every citizen is a requirement to make this endeavor a lot faster.

The U.S. government is continually addressing requests and promises that they are doing their best to make things happen as fast as possible.


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