Turkey Initiates a Counterattack on Syria After Several Airstrikes

Turkey counterattackThe northwestern Syrian armed forces suffered significant losses after Turkey military guns down some of their aircraft. It was reported that a total of two planes that are used for military purposes have been destroyed by the said opposing force.

According to Turkey’s Defense Ministry. The assault happened on Sunday, as a result of a previous Syrian attack on Turkey’s military forces. It was meant as a counter-attack or revenge after an alleged airstrike has been committed that caused 36 total casualties for the Turkish military.

The Defense Ministry of Turkey also added that the warplane retaliation is justifiable as troops of the Syrian military have seen to eject from the warplanes that they shoot down. The aircraft is also seen to be entering the Turkish territories so they need to take action before something happens.

The heated battle between the two parties is starting to look like a sign of a breaking out war. Turkey starts attacking Syrian bases and airports with their drones that are equipped with firepower. They have also made advances against Syrian forces who captured Turkish territories, which they are intending to recapture.

Russia is known to be a close ally of Syria, but even when under attack, Russia refuses to help Syria because of certain reasons. One particular is that Russia is avoiding any sort of internal conflicts that may happen in its relationship with other entities such as Ankora.

Syrian efforts to repeal the Turkish military’s retaliation from their territories are proving to be effective as some of them are seen retreating. More and more residents of Turkey are also going back to their original place.

The current Syrian war has been ongoing for nine years already and has gotten the attention of the United Nations a couple of times. This one, however, is different as the UN calls the event as one of the biggest humanitarian catastrophes.

Although not completely intervening with the ongoing conflict, the US is actively sending soldiers and troops to aid Turkey with its fight with Syria.

As of the moment according to a trusted source, a total of 21 Iranians fatalities have been recorded.

A military operation threat has recently been issued by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan because of Syria’s advances to Turkey’s territory. This proved to be true because of the retaliation that Turkey has committed.

Over the weekend, Turkey reportedly opened its gates for migrants and refugees that are going to travel to Europe. This decision made a surge of migrants which filled Greece and as a result, leaving them stranded between two conflicting regions.



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